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International Headquarters, Chicago, Illinois
The "Confident" Central Region

Undergraduate Chapters

Alpha Chapter, Howard University
Gamma Chapter, University of Illinois @ Urbana-Champaign
Delta Chapter, Kansas University
Epsilon Chapter, Boston City Chapter
Zeta Chapter, Wilberforce University
Theta Chapter, The Ohio State University
Kappa Chapter, Indianapolis City Chapter
Lambda Chapter, New York City Chapter
Nu Chapter, West Virginia State College
Pi Chapter, Fisk University
Rho Chapter, University of California- Berkeley
Tau Chapter, Indiana University - Bloomington
Psi Chapter, Benedict College

Alpha Beta Chapter, Fort Valley State University
Alpha Gamma Chapter, University of California-Los Angeles
Alpha Delta Chapter, Morgan State University
Alpha Epsilon Chapter, Virginia State University
Alpha Eta Chapter, Virginia Union
Alpha Theta Chapter, Grambling State University
Alpha Iota Chapter, Lincoln University
Alpha Nu Chapter, California State University - Fresno
Alpha Pi Chapter, Clark Atlanta University
Alpha Sigma Chapter, Pittsburgh Citywide
Alpha Phi Chapter, North Carolina A&T State University
Alpha Chi Chapter, North Carolina Central University
Alpha Psi Chapter, Tennessee State University

Beta Alpha Chapter, Florida A & M University
Beta Delta Chapter, St. Louis City Chapter
Beta Eta Chapter, University of Michigan
Beta Theta Chapter, University of Washington
Beta Lambda Chapter, University of the District of Columbia
Beta Pi Chapter, Alabama State University
Beta Tau Chapter, Lemoyne Owen College
Beta Psi Chapter, Southern University A&M College

Gamma Gamma Chapter, Morris Brown College
Gamma Epsilon Chapter, Philidelphia Citywide
Gamma Zeta Chapter, Rutgers University
Gamma Theta Chapter, Hampton University
Gamma Iota Chapter, Buffalo - New York City Chapter
Gamma Mu Chapter, Alabama A & M University
Gamma Omicron Chapter, Tougaloo College
Gamma Rho Chapter, Jackson State University
Gamma Upsilon Chapter, Savannah State University
Gamma Chi Chapter, Northwestern University
Gamma Psi Chapter, Texas Southern University

Delta Alpha Chapter, Fayetteville State University
Delta Beta Chapter, Southern Illinois University - Carbondale
Delta Gamma Chapter, Pennsylvania State University
Delta Theta Chapter, Elizabeth City State University
Delta Iota Chapter, Cheyney University of Pennsylvania
Delta Xi Chapter, Universtiy of Texas
Delta Rho Chapter, San Antonio Citywide
Delta Sigma Chapter, Stillman College
Delta Tau Chapter, University of Missouri-Columbia
Delta Phi Chapter, The Ohio University

Epsilon Beta Chapter, University of Southwestern Louisiana
Epsilon Epsilon Chapter, University of Memphis
Epsilon Eta Chapter, Bradley University
Epsilon Lambda Chapter, University of Houston
Epsilon Rho Chapter, Purdue University
Epsilon Sigma Chapter, Texas A & M University - Commerce
Epsilon Tau Chapter, Xavier University of Louisiana
Epsilon Chi Chapter, University of Dayton and Wright State University

Zeta Alpha Chapter, Arizona State University
Zeta Gamma Chapter, Prairie View A&M University

Zeta Delta Chapter, University of Tennesse, Knoxville
Zeta Eta Chapter, Paine College
Zeta Rho Chapter, Central Michigan University
Zeta Sigma Chapter, Trenton State College
Zeta Upsilon Chapter, University of South Florida

Eta Beta Chapter, Vanderbilt University
Eta Delta Chapter, University of Texas at El Paso
Eta Theta, Loyola University New Orleans
Eta Kappa Chapter, Louisiana State University at Baton Rouge
Eta Lambda Chapter, California State University - Sacramento
Eta Mu Chapter, Georgia State University
Eta Xi Chapter, University of Georgia
Eta Rho Chapter, Morehead State University
Eta Psi Chapter, Middle Tennessee State University

Theta Gamma Chapter, University of South Carolina
Theta Epsilon Chapter, Sam Houston State University

Theta Iota Chapter, Westchester University
Theta Kappa Chapter, University of Virginia
Theta Lambda Chapter, Louisiana Tech University
Theta Nu Chapter, University of Maryland at College Park
Theta Xi Chapter, University of Tulsa
Theta Pi Chapter, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Theta Rho Chapter, Virginia Commonwealth University
Theta Sigma Chapter, University of Alabama
Theta Psi Chapter, University of Mississippi

Iota Alpha Chapter, Brown University
Iota Gamma Chapter, Northeastern University
Iota Delta Chapter, The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Iota Iota Chapter, Bowling Green State University
Iota Lambda Chapter, The University of Florida
Iota Mu Chapter, Duke University
Iota Nu Chapter, University of Miami
Iota Omicron Chapter, College of Charleston
Iota Sigma Chapter, University of Kentucky
Iota Upsilon Chapter, Syracuse University
Iota Psi Chapter, Rutgers University

Kappa Alpha Chapter, Western Carolina University
Kappa Zeta Chapter, Clarion State College
Kappa Kappa Chapter, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Kappa Xi Chapter, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Kappa Omicron Chapter, North Carolina State University

Lambda Alpha Chapter, Long Beach State University
Lambda Gamma Chapter, Newark City Chatper
Lambda Zeta Chapter, American University
Lambda Eta Chapter, Mississippi State University
Lambda Upsilon Chapter, MIT, Harvard and Wellesley
Lambda Chi Chapter, James Madison University

Mu Beta Chapter, Marquette University
Mu Delta Chapter, George Washington University
Mu Epsilon Chapter, Christian Brothers University
Mu Gamma Chapter, Delta State University
Mu Kappa Chapter, University of California at Davis
Mu Mu Chapter, University of Montevallo
Mu Pi Chapter, Spelman College

Nu Beta Chapter, Georgia Institute of Technology
Nu Delta Chapter, Birmingham Southern College
Nu Theta Chapter, Grand Valley State University
Nu Lambda Chapter, Indiana Univesity - Northwest
Nu Mu Chapter, Queens College - St. Johnís University - York College
Nu Rho Chapter, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Nu Chi Chapter, College of William and Mary

Xi Alpha Chapter, Tennessee Technical University
Xi Beta Chapter, Stanford University
Xi Iota - Cameron University, Lawton Oklahoma
Xi Kappa Chapter, Chicago State University
Xi Lambda Chapter, Dartmouth College
Xi Mu Chapter, SUNY New Paltz
Xi Xi Chapter, Herbert H. Lehman College
Xi Omicron Chapter, Greater New Haven Area
Xi Chi Chapter, Flint, Michigan City Chapter
Xi Psi Chapter, Texas A&M University

Omicron Delta Chapter, Jacksonville University
Omicron Epsilon, Elon College
Omicron Zeta Chapter, University of Alabama
Omicron Eta Chapter, Westchester County
Omicron Theta Chapter, Manhattan Marymount College
Omicron Iota Chapter, George Mason University
Omicron Xi Chapter, Milwaukee Wisconson Citywide
Omicron Sigma Chapter, Lynchburg College
Omicron Tau Chapter, University of Texas - San Antonio
Omicron Psi Chapter, Tulane University

Pi Iota Chapter, William Paterson University
Pi Mu Chapter, Baylor University
Pi Nu Chapter, Northeastern Illinois University

Pi Psi Chapter, University of Central Florida

Rho Zeta Chapter, Furman University
Rho Theta Chapter, Pace University
Rho Iota Chapter, Missouri Western State College
Rho Mu Chapter, University of Richmond
Rho Omicron, University of the Virgin Islands - St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

Sigma Lambda Chapter, Mainline Pennsylvania Citywide


Graduate Chapters

Gamma Zeta Omega, Miami, Florida
Delta Tau Omega Chapter, Lansing Michicagn
Eta Kappa Omega Graduate Chapter, East Chicago, Indiana
Theta Omega Omega Graduate Chapter, Silver Spring, Maryland
Lambda Gamma Omega, Virginia Beach, Virginia
Mu Omicron Omega Graduate Chapter, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Xi Nu Omega Graduate Chapter, Chicago, Illinois
Omicron Tau Omega Chapter, Houston, Texas
Sigma Zeta Omega Graduate Chapter, Newark Delaware
Sigma Omega Omega Graduate Chapter, Douglasville, Georgia
Phi Kappa Omega Chapter, Chicago, IL

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